أخبار عاجلة


killing a child and wounding her mother by the occupation forces's fire

details: as we got our sources of A.D.F now, the Iranian occupation forces in Al-Thawra of Al-Ahwaz Metropolitan, another heinous crime against our defenseless people, to add to the stifling business and ugliness of those troops fired bullets at the car of pedestrians and passengers was a young family where three years old girl Raghad deid instantly and her mother was injured.
The injured transferred to hospital and the reports mentioned that the driver Abbas Haji Hassan almshial Sari did not stop when asked to stop by anonymous and special Regime car and police that he could not recognize because of not wearing the uniform and when they open their fires it was too late.
This crime was not the first and certainly not the last, and this shows the Regime's
policy against the Arab Ahwazi people increased the ugliness of its crimes and terrorism where this is certain orders of the Revolutionary Guard leadership of occupation by shooting at our people with or without argument.

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