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How important is the factory to blow alahwaz's resistance.
Report on factory sbenta
How important the factory to blow alahwaz's resistance?
As stated in the brave settler package leaflet, that the operation carried out by the martyr Battalion Ali Albetrani and targeting through Sbenta plant to produce iron in Northern Ahwaz, impressive quality and process was painful for government and company owners and they are racists settlers invite foreigners and hire them rather than AlAhwazi people.
The loss of the factory by the fighters of AlAhwazi people, resulting in significant losses to the plant and distribution its products throughout Iran and four days later they still are unable to assess the damages of the plant and its repose period until the factory restarts again.
This factory is particular for Iran's investors and more than 772 engineer and laborer working there , not including up to 120 ahawazi young members and they are working in conditions that are worse among other workers, the rest of the engineers and workers all settlers who hire by authorities and provide them with housing and welfare for work and stability in AlAhwaz. This factory which is only 5 km from downtown tabooing ALAhwazi people to work in it whereas ALAhwaz inhabited by more than one million and eight hundred thousand ahawazi.
Factory produces various types of steel with an annual production of 420 thousand tonnes, 1250 tons a day, these quantities are distributed throughout Iran, and operates 24 hours, with its importance but heroic operation carried out by settlers expelled brigades ALAgwazi people inflicted heavy losses to the factory owners, and here are some numbers around the factory and its lost after this operation:
According to expert assessment that the factory needs for at least two weeks, until Its rebooted again and that means that the factory has stopped working for two weeks will result in production delays and losses on sale of at least 16.154 thousand tons of steel and this amount would cause acute shortage in this factory Forum in most provinces which provide, in addition to the loss of the factory direct and estimated at 16 billion riyals and this loss is because of falling sales.
Besides paying the salaries of workers and engineers two weeks without work, and that is equal to at least three and a half billion reais, more than 15 crane cab with 10 governmental cranes, and a number of electrical engineers and dozens of workers with 20 tonnes high pressure cable record length 8 km depending on the technical evaluation, which would cost the factory more than two billion riyals, disrupting work in 11 companies working on distributing the products of this factory in 11 provinces , and stopped shipping them, these companies employing more than 250 laborer in 11 provinces in Iran where the losses by half a billion riyals.
These losses add change of the future security system of this company and change the lines of production, distribution, associated companies according to the next security plans. At the end of this report that prepared by our expert of ALAhwazi member into the factory, we salute our heroes brave fighters who fight settlers expelled brigades in each ALAhwazi brigades heroes who launched their militant toward economic centres of industrial and commercial institutions occupying settlers to all sects that still denied and deprived the regime of ALAhwazi people investors and workers who work at home and not to give them any odd only to its customers and its affiliates of ALAhwazi people .
The Media Center of ALAhwaz Democrats (A.D.F)