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Iran's Project: Pollution and Desertification ALAHWAZ

In February 2015, massive dust storms hit ALAHWAZ, locking everyone indoors, crippling the entire oil province and filling emergency rooms with people complaining of breathing difficulties and other ailments. Concentration of PM10 in the provincial ALAHWAZ reached 9,977 µg/m3 — 66 times the standard — last Saturday and over 5,000 µg/m3 in most other cities. The acceptable daily average for PM10 is 150 µg/m3.

The oil industry in Ahwaz causes massive amounts of pollution through some of its many refinements. Oil refinement uses many resources and has many byproducts after the crude oil is used for gasoline and other petroleum products. Sulfuric acid is one of the byproducts created from petroleum can cause acidic precipitation and also create more acidic surface water. This is a primary pollutant source of SO2, or sulfur oxides. This causes respiratory diseases and even heart disease, also causing plants harm due to the acid precipitation.

One of the largest sources of dust storms in ALAHWAZ is the Hoor al-Azim Wetland, which is a transboundary lagoon between Al_ahwaz and Iraq. Old and obsolete oil extraction methods in ALAHWAZ and rivers running dry in Iraq have rendered the once thriving wetland all but desiccated.
Another disastrous development for the wetlands have been the dams constructed in recent decades, which have left the waterbeds dry and helped exacerbate water and earth salinity. Gotvand Dam, opened three years ago to supply the sugarcane plants, lies on salt beds. An engineer who worked on Karoun Dam, completed in 1976, remarks: “We had done the research for the area around Gotvand dam in the 1970s, that’s why the dam wasn’t built then, we knew it would directly affect the salt concentration of the water. The numbers, the research, was all there but they built it anyway.”

ALAHWAZ and Ahwazi's Arab people are expected to witness more dust storms and pollution and desertification in the coming years and this is Iran's Project.

Written by (Afaf Ben Tarif )

The Media center of ALAHWAZ Democrats