أخبار عاجلة

The Persian occupation forces attacking crowds of ALAHwazi people in Abadan:

An update report of A.D.F breaking news about this incident and according to The Media Center of A.D.F, this Saturday Dec 24, security forces of persian attacked crowds of ALAHWAZI people whom attending to be part of a funeral ceremony of the neighborhood son of Hay Altabogh in the city of Abadan and forces fired live bullets at the funeral ceremony, killing a citizen, Mohammad Ben Hamid Alboslimi younger than 13 years old And wounded three others. Several of ALAHWAZI people have been
arrested by what is known as the Revolutionary Guard. There is no doubt that this persian occupier tries, attempts to prevent such ceremonies, which are part of the community's tradition of ALAhwazi Council and this flimsy arguments and justifications will never do any good for the system, but that there are hidden behind these attempts known by all AALAHWAZI'S sons from younger till older.

The Media Center of ALAHWAZ Democrats


آخر تعديل على الإثنين, 26 كانون1/ديسمبر 2016