أخبار عاجلة

Mobilization of security forces in the capital city of ALAhwaz
According to reports that reached now to the Media Center of ALAhwaz Democrats front ,The regime declared a state of alert for its forces of repression since last night and all day Friday and will continue until further notice ..
And ordered the authority last night the security forces not to stand checkpoints in the open streets, but elected safe places for checkpoints and also not chasing suspected that ordered to them at close range and also during the chasing of protesters and carry out any duty they have to believe in both sides of the car is armored troops ready to respond to any attack from both sides on military vehicles.
As stated, the system provided the capital city of ALAhwaz today extinguishing car and ambulance, some transferred from the northern cities of ALAhwaz.
The report also added that most of the security forces left the streets last night and before that they have headquarters in Caron coast in the north of the capital city of ALAhwaz , during a state of alert.
The report stated that some of the stooges who deal with the enemy and repressive forces asked them to change their places of residence and being guests in their relatives houses at night during these days.
God saluted the resistance fighters who made fears to occupationers and its rats and all of its stooges who everyone is looking for a hiding place where fear of retribution that awaits them from angry rebellious people.
The Media Center of A.D.F