ADF Media Centre reporting:Tens of Ahwazis arrested in Alahwaz town Friday the 29th

آب/أغسطس 31, 2014 219672

Tens of Ahwazis arrested in Alahwaz town Friday the 29th


Ahwazi Democratic Front Media Centre reports that tens of Ahwazis have been arrested on Friday 29the of August in Ahwazi wide Neighbourhood of Kout Abdulla.

As has been reported, there were tens of security, police and militias, carrying  by more than twenty police cars attacked the area and raided tens of Ahwazis Sunnis and political activists houses and arrested more than twenty people.

In this security forces radiation, while security forces where jumping from the walls, windows, the peoples properties, police did not show any document from the judiciary shows that they are permitted to arrest anyone there

This crime action of Iranian Security forces against Ahwazis covered about eight square kilometres in the fallowing areas of Kout Abdolla High Way: Kout Abdulla, Darwishiyeh, Alshekara 1, Alshekara 2, Alnasr, Kantex.

The reporter was not able to have all the arrested names but has sent two names who are Mr. Mehdi Mojadam and Turky Alboukhanfar, who were arrested from their own home in Zobaid and Anfagh Streets.

The ADF Media Centre trying to fallow the mater and get all the arrested Ahwazis names.


The ADF Media Centre,


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