New vigil on the banks of Caron:A.D.F Report's

أيلول/سبتمبر 08, 2014 448858

ADF Report's:
Despite the arrests, intimidation,REPRESIVE POLICIES AND oppression practiced by the fascist regime, THE Arab people of ALAhwaz CONTINUALY challengING IN DIFFERENT AREAS WHERE IT IS POSSIBLE and IN RECENT DAYS THERE WHERE MANY VIGILS IN DIFFERENT TOWNS OF aLAHWAZ, WHICH THE very recent one was on YSTERDAY 4.9.2014.IN THE aLAHWAZ TOWN, the cAPITAL,
a brief summary BY ADF MEDIA CENTRE SAYS that More than 20 thousand aHWAZI aRABS attended the protest, their slogans of chanted were: Long life for alahwaz,
stop transfering our water to persian towns,
and: by our Spirit, and blood will redeem the Caron river.
the main reason for this protest is continuation of transfering Ahwazi 3 main rivers water to Yazd provine(1500 Km), Ghom proince(900 km) and Isfahan province ( 700 km) while Ahwazi farmers could not continue the cultivation of more than 30% of their farmlands Due to lack of water in Ahwazi rivers.
as its known, Ahwazi arab people ocupied homeland in iran suffing from unjustice,unemployment, torture, excution, and many more of crimes by the Iranian regime and strugling for their self determintaion on their homeland since 20.04.1925
Ahwazi Democratic front Media centr(ADFMC)

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