!Five martyrs in 48 hours and the regime's widespread arrests in Shoaiba

كانون2/يناير 22, 2022 217
  There is no doubt that the volume of the people's sacrifices and the martyrdom of a large number of martyrs is evidence of a mass of the Ahwaz revolution, and our people understand the martyrdom of their children for the homeland and are proud of their martyrdom.
 The question is:
 Did they kill them while trying to carry out a commando operation?
   Should they be killed in direct confrontation or in pursuit of regime officials?
  Were the 17 prisoners who were killed in Sepidar Prison, or the seven prisoners in Ahwaz Central Prison, or those who were set on fire by the regime in the Norse restaurant, armed?
 Who were killed by the fascist occupiers in the peaceful demonstrations of the April 15, 2005 massacre?
 Did they belong to Ahwazi national organizations?
  O children of the homeland, was the killing of our five young people in the last 48 hours, which was their share in the funeral, a bullet?
  So why were they killed?
  Today, our people are grieving for their sons. Two of their victims, Zahra Banaimi and her brother-in-law, were on the Turkish border because her husband had applied for asylum in the Netherlands and the regime did not allow him to leave Iran legally and was forced to enter Turkey by land.  And that heartbreaking incident happened to them.
  Also in the extrajudicial courts on the day of Habib Assoud's trial, the regime's prosecutor began by requesting the death sentence at the beginning of the trial, and yesterday two martyrs were martyred in Al-Ghoriya,  He called for a ceasefire in public ceremonies and said that the sheikhs should stop using weapons in the ceremony and made no mention of investigating these bloody incidents.
  And the last crimes committed by the regime on the evening of the same day were the brutal attack on the Shoaibiya area and the arrest of dozens of its children, including some prominent people and the elderly, whose fate is still unknown.
    We say to Khamenei:
 Whatever you kill us, our people wake up, our people are proud of their martyrs and they are patient and do not tolerate injustice, insults, killings and arrests. Know that we are rebellious against injustice and  We can not live under any of your unjust circumstances and all these crimes will be recorded and you will be held accountable in the near future.
  Ahwaz Democratic Front Media Center,