Assassination of an Ahwazi citizen named Sajjad Al-Kaabi by the occupying forces of Iran

شباط/فبراير 01, 2022 230
  Once again, the regime is armed to of the regime, with the martyrdom of an Ahwazi citizen named Sajjad Kamel Al-Abousi Al-Kaabi, 22, from the Ibrahim neighborhood of the city of Sus (Shousha).
 A page from the history of its bloodthirstiness towards the Ahwazi Arab people was revealed.
    The incident took place after the criminal terrorist armed forces pursued the martyr, and another citizen was shot and wounded in that city.
  Occupying Iranian authorities committed this crime on Monday, February 31/ 01/2022the birthday of Martyr Sajjad, the nephew of Martyr Ali Jabishat Al-Kaabi, who was executed by the Iranian regime years ago, to add another stain to the crime.
  The history of the criminal terrorist regime of the clergy, which is evident in the cruel methods and persecution and killing of the children of non-Persian people, especially the Ahwazi Arab people.
  It is recalled that these large-scale movements and arrests by the occupying Iranian regime in the occupied territory of Al-Ahwaz were carried out for fear of widespread popular protest against the military presence in Al-Ahwaz.
  Media Center
  Ahwaz Democratic Front
  1 February 2022
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