Statement of the Ahwaz Democratic Front on the occasion of the anniversary of its founding

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The Ahwaz Democratic Front was established in January 1990 due to an urgent national necessity at that time in search of mobilising popular forces and national elements for the national struggle against the Iranian occupation. The Front was able to create a suitable environment and plant many national ideas and concepts in the memory of the Ahwazi citizen, establishing the concepts of freedom, democracy, and people’s rights. Throughout the decades, the front faced Iranian occupation in a variety of national positions.
The Ahwaz Democratic Front is part of the national liberation movement of Ahwaz that confronts the Iranian occupation in order to liberate Al-Ahwaz from the clutches of the Persian occupation. The Front led wide political movements at home and abroad in a number of international and regional institutions against the Iranian regime. The spotlight on what is happening in Al-Ahwaz in terms of persecution and repression creates Arab and global public opinion. The actions of the Front and other al-Ahwazi organisations were condemned in a number of international meetings.
In this statement, for this occasion, the Front renews its emphasis on its struggle role and national duties alongside the parties of the Ahwazi National Movement and under the banner of the National Council of the Forces of the Ahwazi Revolution.
Friends, supporters, and dear comrades We gather today on the 33rd anniversary of the Democratic Ahwaz Front's struggle since its inception on January 20, 1990, not only with pride in its struggle, but also in order for the commemoration of this memory to be a fulfilment and pledge of all our comrades towards greater awareness and creative commitment to the national principles and goals embodied by the Front, in order for us to communicate with these principles and values as the only way to progress.
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